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Share Your Love Stories With Us !

image Vivian and I met after we'd been mailing each other for about 2 months. We both asked a lot of questions. It was great fun and a much needed distraction. Our first date ended with a kiss on the cheek and we arranged another date.
Posted by Robert from Seattle 5 years ago
image My best friend April put me on and I thought I'd try it.
I'd been on Localtextdating for two weeks and had several chats. All men were nice, but no click. I then received a message from Phil. He sounded sweet and looked cute.
The rest is history! He is not only gorgeous, he is kind, generous and more than I ever hoped for in a boyfriend...

Posted by Abigail from New York 5 years ago
image My first experience with text dating happened when I just could not connect with anyone in my area. I am naturally shy so it is hard for me to ask a girl out or ask for a number. I started chatting with Isabelle and she really brought me out of my shell. We are now happily married! Because of that I prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you LTD!
Posted by Anonymous from unknown 6 years ago
image I remember being so nervous the first time I got a text from a guy when I joined LTD. I stared at the screen and then thought “What have I got to lose”? I texted him back and we instantly connected. Amazing, so happy I gave it a try:)
Posted by Emily from Cornwall (Ontario) 6 years ago
image I tried Local Text Dating for the first time last year, of course I was skeptical at first, but then, I started chatting with Andrew. Wow, the connection was instant and we chatted everyday. After my comfort level was at 100% we decided to go for coffee and so happy we did!! We are still together to this day and nobody can make me smile as much as him.
Posted by Kim from Quebec 6 years ago
image Wow, what a great experience. localtextdating.com you have made meeting womans really easy. I can be texting from anywhere. This is a great service.
Posted by Paul from Markham (Ontario) 9 years ago
image Thank you, thank you, thank you. localtextdating.com is an easy site to use. I will definitely be recommending to my single friends and family.
Posted by Jennifer from Foxworth (Mississippi) 9 years ago
image Looking for love or not? Excellent for those searching love or just a fun time. I am young and not looking for a lifelong partner. Despite this, I am able to date on my terms as I explore my options. Been dating happily for 3 months!
Posted by Roberto from Winnipeg, Manitoba 9 years ago
Eureka! What great idea localtextdating.com. I'm so glad I found this website. Text messaging people to get to know them is a lot easier. It takes the stress out of the awkward first date. Thanks again.
Posted by Christopher from Paris (Maine) 9 years ago
image My sister told me about using localtextdating.com and she had great success! She just got engaged. I just started using it and wanted to thank localtextdating.com for this service. I am having a fabulous time meeting new guys and getting to know them.
Posted by Erin from Gainestown (Alabama) 9 years ago
image Excellent for busy career minded women. I thought I didn?t have time for dating until I found this text dating site! I can now date on my time! Thank you, so pleased.
Posted by Diana from Toronto, Ontario 9 years ago
image Write your own love story, literally! The text based nature of this website allowed personal freedom and guidance in my own love life. More premeditation of lines and language. Happily dating for 5 months and counting!
Posted by Charles from Lethbridge, Alberta 9 years ago
image Excellent for busy mothers! With kids, my job, pets, and a house to care for I had little time for dating. This text dating website allowed to me to date without the stress of leaving my house. Now I am happily engaged and thankful for your text dating site.
Posted by Petra from Markham, Ontario 9 years ago
image localtextdating.com is not hard to use at all. It's a fabulous way to start chatting with people. There is no ackward moments of silence. Thank you localtextdating.com
Posted by Tiffany from Vancouver (British Columbia) 9 years ago
There were many interesting guys that I text for a while to get to know. Then I really hit it off with one guy in particular we have been dating for a few months now. Awesome site. Thank you localtextdating.com
Posted by Cathy from Oden (Arkansas) 9 years ago
So easy to get started. Don't wait any longer, like myself I waited too long. I have meet a fabulous girl on localtextdating.com
Posted by Marcus from Snellville (Georgia) 9 years ago
image I am from the old school generation, so when a friend of mine suggested that I try localtextdating.com I didn't know what to think at first. I would have to say now that I would recommend any age group to use localtextdating.com. It's easy and a relaxing way to meet people.
Posted by Tori from Wickenburg (Arizona) 9 years ago
Where were you ten years ago! I'm so glad that I found localtextdating.com. Please continue the great work of 'hooking' people up.
Posted by Valerie26 from Collierville (Tennessee) 9 years ago
I was told by a friend to give localtextdating.com a shot, as he has meet a great lady on the site. He told me it was easy to join and a fun way to meet someone. I'm glad I took his advice.
Posted by Cindy from Huntsville (Texas) 9 years ago
image Ok, so I have been with the text dating site for quite some time and then -- what an experience! I met the most incredible woman. I fell in love and so did she. Our relationship hit us both like an earthquake -- but in a great way! We have been attached as if we were meant to be together from the moment life began for each of us. We have so much in common and she is without a doubt the most gorgeous, funny, exciting, fabulous woman I have ever met in my entire life. I am writing this to just say thank you SO MUCH. Your text dating site brought me so much more happiness than I ever dreamed possible. I should add that she found me. She contacted me on the text dating site even though neither one of us had a picture posted. She was straight forward and absolutely honest from day 1. If she hadn't taken the first step I would never have fallen in love. And all this just, because of this great text dating site. Thanks a ton!!
Posted by Alex from Red Deer, Alberta 9 years ago
image I found localtextdating.com extremely user friendly and a well thought out website. This has been a great road for me to take. Thank you!
Posted by Darius26 from Charlotte (North Carolina) 9 years ago
image I met my girl in early 2011 on your text dating site after several messages we decided to meet up to see how things went. We have been together as a couple since this date and are planning to get married September 22, 2011 and thought you would like to know. Many thanks for giving us a text dating site where we could meet. Having both tried other dating sites we feel that yours has proved to be the best.
Posted by Steve from Waterloo, Ontario 9 years ago
To sum it up in one word WOW. Thank you localtextdating.com
Posted by Olivia78 from Auburn (Alabama) 9 years ago
image I wish I knew 50 different languages to say thank you in because I don't think one thank you is enough to describe how much I appreciate this site! I found a GREAT guy. Of course I was a little skeptical, but hey what did I have to lose. I have never been on a text dating site were there were so many classy men. After being on this site for only one month, I met a guy who I would have never crossed paths with. But thanks to this site, I think he is really the one for me. Thank you again, This one is the number one site I have ever come across.
Posted by Wendy from Kelowna, British Columbia 9 years ago
I have always been leary of dating sites and services. When I saw localtextdating.com I just had to try it. This was a huge leap of faith for me and I'm so happy that I decided to go for it. I started texting a guy and we have hit it off right from the beginning. We have talked about a future together! Cheers to localtextdating.com. Thank you.
Posted by Lynette from Bisbee (Arizona) 9 years ago
image My marriage was going downhill. I found out my husband was cheating on me so I decided to do the same. I made a profile on the text dating website and would purposely leave it up so he could stumble across it. Never in a million years did I expect to actually meet someone. As we began to talk I only did it to get back at my husband. After talking for about a month I really started to catch feelings for James. I have since left my husband and James and I have been together for 5 months!
Posted by Sandy & James from Vancouver 9 years ago
image While going through the text dating website I found the love of my life. His name is Sean and he is 35 years old. After having two children and being divorced twice I gave up on finding the "one". Love to me began to sound like a made up word. One day my friends told me they set up a dating profile for me. I was outraged because they knew how I felt about that type of thing. They did the searching for me and came across Sean's profile. We exchanged texts and a year later we are happily still together!
Posted by Ashley & Sean from Toronto 9 years ago
image localtextdating.com is an amazing site! It was so easy to join and start texting to others. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking for a mate!
Posted by Sandra from Bakersfield (California) 9 years ago
"I haven't found the love of my life yet, but I'm definitely meeting lots of women! It's so easy to use too. It's the easiest place online to meet people."- Robert M.
Posted by Robert from Hamilton 10 years ago
"My best friend told me to sign up. I sighed. Most guys are just plain jerks. My hubby is not like that at all! -I love herrr!!-
Posted by Cindy from Ottawa 10 years ago
Wow, all I can say is wow. I never try these sites out, but if I didn't try this out I would've never found the love of my life. WE JUST GOT ENGAGED!"- Stephen L.
Posted by Stephen from Killarney, Ontario 10 years ago
Dating is a tough and scary concept and lets face it ladies, we might have to kiss a lot of frogs before your Prince Charming appears, but don?t give up! With online and text dating, we have a sea of possibilities. Finding your soul mate begins with a simple ?Hello?. When I connected with my Prince, texting was (and still is) our main form of communication. It is so easy, safe and very convenient. Text dating gives you the flexibility to be mobile with all the features of regular online dating without being tied down to a desktop PC. You have many options; whether you are just looking to chat, meet a new friend or your soul mate. In my instance, I was just browsing to see if this particular site was right for me; my Sweetie had a formal membership. We began chatting and texted every day (all day!) for several weeks before our first face to face meeting. By the time we met face to face, it was like we already knew each other. We found out that we share the same religious beliefs, deal with money in the same manner, have great respect for each other and everyone else and what I find to be a valuable quality is we can make each other genuinely smile and laugh out loud. Life is fun and should be enjoyed and it is amazing when shared with someone special. As a woman in her mid 40?s, I might not have known exactly what I was looking for in a mate, but thanks to experience I did have a list of things that I definitely didn?t want. Kevin knew more quickly than I that we had found our soul mates; I may be a cautious woman, but I am also a smart woman and know a great thing when I see it. We introduced each other to our families and both sides were thrilled. The final clincher for me was when my three cats loved him, and actually meowed by the door when he left, animals have a sense that humans can miss and I trust that. We are currently planning our lifelong future together. Enjoy the adventure of dating, don?t put pressure on yourself or anyone else, just relax, be yourself, have fun and true love will find its way into your open heart!
Posted by Debbie from Edmonton, Alberta 10 years ago
Being inaugurated to the dating scene in the late ?70?s and early ?80?, plus not participating in this scene in 26 years, you can imagine my trepidation, as I was about to embark on this new and exciting phenomena know as ?online and text dating?! My experience was only from singles bars, set-ups, coworker (always a potential for disaster) or just a simple bump into at the supermarket, this new way of finding your soul mate was uncharted territory. I didn?t know if I was too old or just too out of practice, but with encouragement of family, I figured lets give it a go. Boy was I quickly enlightened, from women not yet over their last relationships, to scam artists from Nigeria or Ghana or married women just looking for an ego boost. The sites varied from explicit to religious. I stumbled upon the site I met Judy, sort of by accident, I had cancelled most of the others, quite the cash drains, and had signed up, but really wasn?t that active on it, until that wonderful day I met my sweetheart. I had just signed onto the site, because it was a slow lazy Saturday and within a few minutes and obviously no luck, was about to sign off, when this wonderful woman appeared, and I struck up this delightful conversation! Since I was a member, I was able to extend the time we are allotted and it was like a breath of fresh air, that I just wanted it to continue, and it seemed to me that she did also. After about five minutes, Judy gave me her cell number with the proviso, that if I was a creep she could always change the number!! This began as a constant texting and online communications, in which we shared things that would be very difficult to do face to face, but since we were online or texting it made opening up of ones self much easier. After we had finally met, I kidded with her that it was as if we had already been on at least 15 dates! I came to see as I got to know Judy and she began to realize that I was a real deal, not some one night stand, that she was the one I have been searching my whole life for, and the one I could start to make lifelong plans with and actually see them come to fruition. We are easily comfortable with each other, we laugh, we smile and we love each other?s company. I feel when I am not with her that a part of me is missing, a sort of emptiness that is only rectified by us being together. I see my sweetheart as someone I could actually spend the rest of my life with, and I have come to the realization, that this type of dating is like the others, it is all part of fate or Divine Intervention and it seems I have received in Judy, the best of both!
Posted by Richard & Judy from Kamloops, British Columbia 10 years ago
I really don't have words to thank you because, a simple ?thank you? is not sufficient for showing my appreciation. Like others, I was also skeptical that how an online site can help me find my life partner. But it did work for me. I found my soul mate Jane in the site within the first two weeks after registering with the site. Thanks textdating.ca, without which I would never have an opportunity to meet a girl like Jane. She is beautiful, intelligent, funny and caring. We got engaged on June 5th and wanted to let everyone know that this site works. Thanks a ton for your genuine services.
Posted by Dennis from Huron East, Ontario 10 years ago
I have registered so many dating sites in the past and wasted so much time and money, but nothing worked. I signed up for textdating.ca. I started getting so many real responses from real men. I found out three profiles which were interesting. I responded to them back to find out whether they would be interested in meeting. Andy was the first one to respond. We chatted for a while through email and then I called him to my place. He flew down to Calgary to meet me. He stayed with me for five unforgettable days at my place. We became close friends. In the last week both our families met each other. Now we are working on taking the relationship to the next level. All thanks to textdating.ca without which finding a life partner like Andy would never been possible. We both recommend this site to anyone who is looking for authentic dating service.
Posted by Peter from Lynn Lake, Manitoba 10 years ago
Text dating is the new buzz, your website is amazing! I?m a research analyst. Your text dating website became the new facebook to me, I was addicted. I was so in- tuned with your brilliant idea that I told all my single friends. I?ve gone on dates with the most handsome of men, found my prince charming which is now my fianc?e, and meet so many extraordinary and interesting people whom my fianc?e and I are still friends with til? this day. We have the most trustworthy, open and honest relationship ever! It?s been 2 years that I?ve been with him and I wouldn?t regret it for the world. I found the website to be convenient, non-conflicting with my personal or work schedule or my life of independence, I love it! It beats wasting daytime minutes, haha. No, but on a serious note I would like to thank you for your brilliant idea in making me into a social butterfly once again, opening up my heart and finding the man of my dreams. If it wasn?t for your website, I wouldn?t be as happy and satisfied as I am today.
Posted by Michelle from Edmonton, Alberta 10 years ago
About a year ago, I went through a very bad break-up with a person I was with for 3 years. I remember constantly being depressed almost everyday and calling my girlfriend Amy, up from work complaining about how sad and lonely I was, it was pathetic. I worked long hours and didn't have much of a social life. One day during my lunch break I called Amy up and she brought up an interesting topic on how to meet men. She told me about this text dating website she used in the past to find the man she?s with now. Her words exactly were, ?I don?t regret it for nothing in the world. He makes me happy.? At first I said ?Yeah but your crazy and daring, I?m not you? and we laughed a bit, but then I thought about what she said, she was happy! I reconsidered especially being that everything is online now a days even dating, so I said to myself ?hey, why not? I decided to give it a shot. By the end of the second week I had made a connection. I found myself texting this amazing guy I met on the text dating website on a daily basis. We made a set time and date where we would meet. We met on my birthday, he was my date. I was so nervous I didn?t know what to feel or how to think. I was anxious and did not want to be disappointed. We meet in a public park on a Saturday where he came with a great smile and a bouquet of flowers, they were beautiful. We got more acquainted over dinner and a movie and later before we split, he politely gave me a kiss on the cheek, goodnight. When I tell you I had the biggest smile ever, I had the biggest smile ever! It?s been 2 years since I?ve meet my prince charming. We?re engaged with the wedding only 4 months away and a baby on the way. I can truly say that text dating online was the best thing that ever happened to me and I refer it to many!
Posted by Lynn from Gillam, Manitoba 10 years ago
This website is amazing. Being a young woman, I am not ready for marriage, and I enjoy casual dating and night life. This dating website allowed me to do just this. Through this, I am able to casually flirt and play coy with my texting partners. Appealing to the new technological crowd, this concept allows one to enjoy ones time without worrying about the future. No promises attached! Friendship may develop, and maybe even love. Who knows? It?s up to you to write your own story!
Posted by Cheryl from Winnipeg, Manitoba 10 years ago
This text dating website allowed me to find my true love. Being slightly shy and a busy working woman, I did not have any free time in order to partake in extensive and expensive dating that was extremely awkward. Having to constantly spend money and spend precious time preparing and prepping was exhausting on my wallet and me. Instead, in the privacy and comfort of my own home, on a relaxed tone, I was able to personally converse and eventually fall in love with my husband to be. Our daily texts concerning our days, likes and dislikes, eventually dissipated my fears and allowed me to become personally involved with someone. Small seconds in busy life could be used to converse. Eventually these texts lead to real dates, and our love was able to bloom after our blossoming. Wonderful concept! I was finally able to find love.
Posted by Esther from Calgary, Alberta 10 years ago
Everybody needs a soul next to his and searching for one can take a lot of time. There is a story, a love story, about two young people who meet online, on a text dating site, in a moment of their life when they didn?t think they would find their partner. It was evening, after a few hours of work, the boy arrived home and wanted to check his email. While browsing the internet he saw an ad about a text dating site and from curiosity he entered and started to feel his nickname and a few personal details. Once he entered in that world he felt he is in the right place to relax chatting with some people who didn?t know anything about him. The girl, Melissa was her nickname, wanted to have a talk with a stranger after she had a bad day at school. And from a miracle or not, they found each other and started to talk about their day and their life. Melissa was telling Sam that she can not wait until graduation and Sam told her that is better to learn that to work because he was very tired after a full day of work. And after chatting a few hours they agree to meet again in the next evening to tell each other the story of his or her day. And this happened every evening for two weeks. In one discussion they started to think that they should meet and talk live, face to face. The idea was a really good one because from the moment they saw each other they liked each other and talk for a few hours wishing the evening never stop. After another few weeks they were together and they were sharing their love story to all their friends that couldn?t believe that they meet on a text dating site. The story ends with them still together, wanting to have kids and getting married. Everybody must understand that there is someone for each people and that person must be looked in every corner of the world, even on a text dating site because you never know where he is.
Posted by Anonymous from Unknown 10 years ago
This text dating website allowed me to find my true love. Being slightly shy and a busy working woman, I did not have any free time in order to partake in extensive and expensive dating that was extremely awkward. Having to constantly spend money and spend precious time preparing and prepping was exhausting on my wallet and me. Instead, in the privacy and comfort of my own home, on a relaxed tone, I was able to personally converse and eventually fall in love with my husband to be. Our daily texts concerning our days, likes and dislikes, eventually dissipated my fears and allowed me to become personally involved with someone. Small seconds in busy life could be used to converse. Eventually these texts lead to real dates, and our love was able to bloom after our blossoming. Wonderful concept! I was finally able to find love.
Posted by Stephany from Markham, Ontario 10 years ago
Excellent for business men! Afraid of women who only love you for your money? Text date online and explore before finding the perfect women who loves you for your personality. Escape your busy work life and find love! I found her and life is definitely less stressful. Happily married!
Posted by John from Calgary, Alberta 10 years ago